GMO’s live and Multiply in our Stomachs . . .


Worst finding of all—GMOs remain inside of us

The only published human feeding study revealed what may be the most dangerous problem from GM foods. The gene inserted into GM soy transfers into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and continues to function. This means that long after we stop eating GMOs, we may still have potentially harmful GM proteins produced continuously inside of us. Put more plainly, eating a corn chip produced from Bt corn might transform our intestinal bacteria into living pesticide factories, possibly for the rest of our lives.

When evidence of gene transfer is reported at medical conferences around the US, doctors often respond by citing the huge increase of gastrointestinal problems among their patients over the last decade. GM foods might be colonizing the gut flora of North Americans. Read the Full Article Here

March Against Monsanto May 25, 2013

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March Against Monsanto

Join activists around the world as we unite as ONE to March Against Monsanto on May 25, 2013 !

  • GMO Seeds are detrimental to the environment and have been linked to the Massive Colony Collapse in the world’s Bee Population
  • GMO Seeds are Terminator Seeds- seeds that have been genetically engineered to produce infertile seeds which cannot be replanted & have been found to cause amoeba and nosema disease
  • Research has shown that GMO’s increase cancer, tumors, infertility and birth defects
  • President Obama and Congress recently signed & passed the “Monsanto Protection Act” which prevents lawsuits against Monsanto and bans courts from halting the sales of their genetically modified seeds
  • More than 70% of processed food at the Supermarkets now contain GMO Products- Fight for your right to KNOW which products they are and have them properly labeled so you can make an Educated CHOICE on whether consuming GMO’s is right for your family

Join us!

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Stop FrankenFoods!


Perhaps you’ve never heard this term before and you’re wondering to yourself, what exactly ARE FrankenFoods?  GMO’s are FrankenFoods- Genetically Modified Organisms – that is … plants and animals that have had their DNA spliced with the DNA from other Plants, Animals, Viruses and Bacteria in order to create so-called “Super Foods” or “Pest Resistant” foods.


Why Do We Want to Stop Them?