Anti-GMO Legislation

make them label GMOsCurrently there are very few states that have legislation enacted to protect and educate families about the dangers of GMO’s. Each day, the chance for CHOICE is slipping further and further away as President Obama keeps protecting GMO Giants like Monsanto by enacting legislation that will prohibit folks from having the right to SUE them for damages or be held accountable for the damages their GMO’s cause.


Maine: Mainers are fighting hard to require food retailers to label all GMO Products,  read the proposed bill L.D 718

New York: While no legislation has been passed, New York has a growing movement of GMO Free Supporters Co-Sponsoring Bill S3835 Read More about it Here

Vermont:  GMS Labeling Passes Vermont House as Activists Prepare to March Against Monsanto! The bill was passed on May 10, 2013 and requires all foods containing GMO’s to be labeled as such. Read the Full Article Here


Sign the Petition to require labeling for ALL genetically engineered foods Let Me Decide



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